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Industrial Machinery Sector

Special Purpose and Customised Machinery Designing:

The first machine-made was in 1551, a steam-powered jack-driven steam turbine made in Egypt. Since then, the evolution took a steep increase in creating new mechanisms to increase production or decrease the level of time consumption for production and also to improve the skills among the workers.

Let’s consider the time took to produce a particular piece of fabric using hand made production process called yawning. Still, when the machinery was implemented, the production time was reduced to 1/10th. Considering the modern-day consumption of products used, the only way all the regular needs are satisfied is by using types of machinery.

Machinery’s are classified in various categories. Further, the categories can be labelled as industrial revolutions, first industrial revolutions, second industrial revolutions, third industrial revolutions, and fourth industrial revolutions. In this time and period of standards as per industrial trends, the fourth industrial revolution is applicable, also known as Industrial 4.0. Industrial 4.0 deals in high-end technical advancement with less human interaction. This system is designed to decrease human interactions to zero or negligible. 

SAMRUH offers design concepts for various types of machinery, including portable and stationary machines, special-purpose machinery, customised machinery, fixtures, and gauges. These concepts aim to implement the principles of Industrial 4.0, which involves the integration of advanced technologies in manufacturing processes.

Our design concepts focus on decreasing workforce utilisation by introducing high-performance and less time-consuming mechanisms. This helps in improving both the quality and quantity of production. By reducing the need for manual labour, the concepts also decrease manual time utilisation and increase the overall production rate.

One of the critical benefits of our’s design concepts is the compact design with high efficiency. The machinery is designed to be space-saving, allowing for optimal utilisation of the available area. Additionally, the ideas ensure a longer operating duration, meaning that the machinery can work continuously without frequent breakdowns or maintenance requirements.

By implementing our’s design concepts, businesses can expect increased production capabilities. The machinery is designed to perform optimally, resulting in higher productivity and output. Moreover, the ideas incorporate the Poka Yoke System, a mistake-proofing mechanism to prevent errors during the manufacturing process, ensuring a higher level of quality control.

Our’s design concepts offer compact, efficient, high-performance machinery that enhances productivity, reduces manual labour, improves production quality and quantity, minimises space consumption, and increases production levels.

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Our design concepts decrease workforce utilization following Industrial 4.0. High performance and less time-consuming mechanisms.

Special Purpose and Customised Machinery

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