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Pharmaceuticals Sector

Pharma Components and Utilities Container Design Service:

Let’s check how FMEA, DFMEA, and PFMEA studies help to identify potential failure modes and their impact on the pharma components and utility containers.

Pharmaceutical history goes way back to human evolution from Australopithecus (early humans) to this period of homo sapiens-sapiens (Modern humans). The development of grinding the fresh herbs from trees to packaged – stored ready-to-use products from our daily pharmaceutical clinics.

The industrial evolutions in pharmaceuticals since the 19th century. Many lives have been saved because of the easy availability of necessary medical care, and storage/utilities of such medical substances using various containers has played an important role.

The storage container or utilities may comprise glass, metal, polymer, paper, or other materials. Storage and utilities of such substance using polymers has been beneficial regarding delivery utilities, transportation, testing, and other benefits.     

SAMRUH designs products specifically used in the storage and utilities of pharmaceutical drugs or medicines. These products are aimed at various laboratory settings where strict requirements and testing standards, followed by the pharmaceutical industry, must be met.

One crucial aspect of our’s design concept is the ability to compete with any container requirement for storing pharma components. We carefully consider the specific needs and regulations of the pharmaceutical industry to ensure that their designs adhere to all the necessary testing standards. This ensures that the containers provide high quality and sustainability in storing pharmaceutical products.

We also focus on container design and storage parameters design. We consider factors such as the type of pharma components to be stored, the required temperature control, and the ease of accessibility. By carefully considering these parameters, we ensure that its designs are tailored to meet the specific needs of the pharmaceutical industry.

Another essential aspect we emphasise is conducting FMEA (Failure Mode and Effects Analysis), DFMEA (Design FMEA), and PFMEA (Process FMEA) studies. These studies help identify potential failure modes and their impact on the product or component. The results of these studies are then used to make targeted design improvements, ensuring optimal performance and reliability of the product. We also provide reports on these studies, which serve as valuable client documentation.

We pride ourselves on delivering “first time right, on-time” design solutions. Our designs are thoroughly tested and validated to meet the required specifications. By providing accurate and high-quality designs from the beginning, we help save valuable time for our clients, eliminating the need for reworks or modifications.

While we design products with a reasonable life, we also ensure the necessary testing standards are followed. This means that the products are designed to withstand the expected lifespan required for specific applications in the pharmaceutical industry. Complying with testing standards ensures that products meet the necessary safety, performance, and quality criteria.

Overall, our product designs are tailored for the storage and utilities of pharmaceutical drugs or medicines. We prioritise meeting the testing standards the pharmaceutical industry requires while improving quality, sustainability, and container design. Through implementing FMEA studies, quality control methods, and a commitment to first-time-right design solutions, we strive to deliver high-quality designs that save time for our customers and meet the necessary testing standards for reasonable product life.

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Our design concepts can compete with any container requirement for storing pharma components with all the testing standards followed by pharma industries, improving quality and sustainability.

Pharma Components and Utilities Container Design Service

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