Our Services

We provide design services for plastic and casting components in sectors like Automobile, Pharma, Home Appliance & Industrial Plastic Components using software’s like Uni-Graphics, Creo, Solidworks and Catia.

Automobile & Pharma:

We have good knowledge on designing for automobile and pharma components, designing as per industrial and automobile design parameters.

Our commitment to Quality:

We at Samruh Engineering and Solution are specially focused on quality of product depending on the material selection and their properties, by referring the mold flow analysis of the product, shrinkage and any other defects are forseen and appropriate prevention methods are considered.

Some of the design solutions for production related concerns like shrinkage, deformation etc. Jigs are designed considering the mold flow of those particular products design to retain their particular dimensional values.

Relations gauges are designed to make the inspection related aspects of a product more precise and time saving in production area.